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Mantra Homoeonic

With the new Remedy Maker you can create your own remedies based on Homeopathy, Radionics or Natural Remedies or based on an extensive database you can copy from other remedies just by doing a few clicks... This machine & software is specially developed for creating a complete remedy so it has a friendly design that makes it fast and efficient on any task.

The software functions are: Autosimile, Imprint, Neutralize, Copy, Direct Treatment, Potentiation and much more..

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The main features are

Autosimile Function

This option allow you to set up a particular simile on a certain rate, based on the main principles of the radionics field.

Database Control

With this function you can create a remedy quickly and easy by just looking for it in our 22,000+ rate database, or well by creating you own remedy with your own formula

Imprint & Potentiation Function

With the Imprint function you can create a remedy by just imprinting & saving to some of the radionics accessories in the market also you can change or apply a level, method or power to a rate by using the potentiation function, giving you more ways to work and do a effective remedy.

Neutralize Function

As a great innovation for this machine & software, we have the possibility to neutralize a certain rate inside of a remedy by using the neutralize function, giving us the chance to give a better treatment to our patients.

Direct Treatment

With Remedy Maker Software you can create a treatment based on the physical principles that tell us that "each and every one of the elements that form a single body is involved, and creating the energy field of the same". So the system offers the way to send a rate from the remedy to the patient for X minutes creating a better treatment.

Remedy Control Center

You can do a remedy by just using your knowledge or well select one of our database as we remember we have more than 7,000+ remedies included, each one of the remedies have been used by doctors for several years.

Screenshots of the Machine & Software

Remedy Maker kit - Software, Device and Tablet Homoeonic
Remedy Maker Device Homoeonic
Remedy Maker Device Screen Homoeonic

How it works!

Machine & Software = Complete remedy

The Remedy Maker is a whole new device where you can imprint, create and develop your remedies based on your formula's without needing any other radionics instrument. This device is the result of 10 years of experience developing radionics machines as a company, the product is a sub-brand of Homoeonic Company and it has been released in April after several months.

This device works pretty well because it use a little machine to complete all the process of making a remedy. So the system gives the order and the device completes the order, the remedy maker is based in our top series MANTRA so it has all the power and the capability of a top radionics device with the difference of being more portable than other radionics device in the market.

But the remedy isn't alone it has a powerful software that enables you to use the machine in a few clicks without being an expert or having knowledge about it, in the software we can find features like:

  1. Autosimile function
  2. Neutralize function
  3. Imprint function
  4. Direct Treatment
  5. Complementary Rate
  6. Remedy Creation Center
  7. Remedy Search Function

Plus, if it isn't enough you can order your new Remedy Maker with an ECS Function giving you the chance to be able to copy, erase and save your remedies in a card so that will give you the chance to bring your remedies where ever you are just by carrying a single card in your pocket.

Also, with this device, you have the advantages.

  • A smaller and portable device.
  • You can create remedies with a single rate or multiple rates at the same time.
  • You can select and edit an existent remedy from the remedy's database.
  • The device includes more than 7000+ remedies ready to be use.
  • The device includes a database control with more than 22,000+ rates ready to be used.
  • You can give a direct treatment to your patients without needing any other expensive device or needing any other knowledge.
  • The software is easy to use and it gives you anything you need for using our device so you won't need another software or plugin.
  • With the direct treatment function you can select and apply the remedy to your patient by using a time lapse (minutes) giving the chance to apply an effective remedy based in the principles of radionics.
  • You can create your own categories, sub categories and rates under the database control giving you the chance to create your own remedies based on your formulas or your knowledge.

And much more benefits and advantages you have find with our new Remedy Maker 2017, feel free to ask for some quote or your questions, there's always an agent for you!.

Remedy Maker Homoeonic

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